November 20, 2023


AkzoNobel launches OEM-approved RADAR Transparent Color Formulas

Bodyshops making repairs to vehicles that feature the latest embedded advanced driver assisted systems (ADAS) can now benefit from more than 200 OEM-approved RADAR transparent color formulas from AkzoNobel, developed and formulated to comply with each OEM's required specification.

The color formulas are being made available to the network of vehicle repairers across the world through AkzoNobel’s state-of-the-art color retrieval cloud application MIXITTM.

With passenger vehicles changing rapidly and technologies such as RADAR and sensors being introduced to advance vehicle safety, bodyshops are having to adapt their repair and refinishing processes, to ensure the integrity of the safety devices is maintained.

To address this, the OEM’s have developed radar and sensor repair guidelines containing the information and repair processes for the refinish aftermarket and collision repairers. In conjunction with the OEM’s, AkzoNobel has developed and tested the color formulas to meet the strict specifications and application guidelines set by each manufacturer.

The challenge to coatings manufacturers is to devise formulas that don’t interfere with the RADAR signal performance, given that more than 60% of color formulations for the automotive industry now contain metallic toners, which can potentially attenuate the RADAR signal. Solid colors, mica and metallic paints all impact the signal transmission in different ways, as does the thickness of the coating and the number of layers applied; weaker RADAR signals can make the car vulnerable and fail to detect potential danger within its environment.

George Sneddon, AkzoNobel OEM Technical Program Manager, says AkzoNobel’s work with OEMs will reap long-term benefits for bodyshops: “RADAR signals can be attenuated by substances/coating layers, or in the worst case be totally reflected by a metal layer,” he explains, “so selecting the right color formula, and adhering strictly to the OEMs repair regime is essential for motorist safety.

“That’s why we’re working hand-in-hand with the OEMs to support bodyshops with our knowledge, expertise, and product range to meet their immediate needs, and equip them to meet the demands of future vehicles.”

The complete range of RADAR transparent formulas from Sikkens and Lesonal is accessible via MIXITTM. MIXITTM gives vehicle refinishers instant access to the color formulas they need to make the necessary repairs to bodywork essential for future vehicle and driver safety. New formulas are being developed and tested daily and their details and specification updated in real-time through the MIXIT platform.

To coincide with the launch and to support vehicle refinishers, AkzoNobel has also launched a comprehensive online training package comprising e-learning modules in multiple languages to cover general information on RADAR and sensor technology and to guide bodyshops through the future repair process.

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