Digital color retrieval is the best, and only way to quickly and accurately find the correct color formula for the vehicle you are repairing. Lesonal’s state-of-the-art digital color platform brings measurable improvements for your business – greater accuracy, greater efficiency and ultimately, greater profitability.


Colorvation is a unique, comprehensive, user-friendly approach to vehicle refinishing that uses the latest digital color technology. In fact, after adopting the Colorvation approach, you will only ever want to use our innovative digital color matching tools.

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AutomatchicTM Vision

Automatchic™ Vision is Colorvation’s digital color matching tool, that puts the power of digital innovation into your hands. The compact, handheld Automatchic™ Vision spectrophotometer uses the latest digital technology for precise, reliable color measurements.     Automatchic™ Vision will not only help increase your business profitability through process optimization, accuracy and speed, it also boosts sustainability by using less paint, reducing waste and saving valuable time. You will be able to identify the right color up to three times faster compared to traditional methods.    


MIXIT™ is AkzoNobel’s advanced color identification and retrieval application. Through MIXIT™, you have direct, immediate access to our vast color database, which hosts more than two million colors and variants – with more being added every day. MIXIT™ uses a cloud-based system, and can be easily accessed from any device or platform.

By connecting Automatchic™ Vision with MIXIT™ you can be sure of achieving the perfect color match first time, every time and faster than ever. Through this streamlined process you are provided with the exact data you need, the moment you need it, allowing you to improve your profitability by increasing optimization, accuracy and speed.

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