The latest update to AkzoNobel’s leading digital color retrieval software MIXITTM offers commercial and vehicle refinish users new benefits and features that enhance the workflow for painters and provide new functionalities for bodyshop managers.

“With MIXIT we offer a digital color solution to help our customers work faster and more accurately when doing a paint repair job while delivering valuable insights for their business,’’ says Carin Rauws-van-Roon, Color Marketing Manager at AkzoNobel. “Through the cloud we can provide new color formulas and features in real-time so our customers are always up-to-date.”

Since the introduction of the cloud-based application in 2017, MIXIT has constantly been evolved by AkzoNobel’s team of color experts and technicians. Driven by intelligent algorithms, MIXIT delivers fast and accurate search results. The global color database provides instant access to more than two million color formulas with more being added every day.

MIXIT helps businesses by delivering real-time insights through live dashboards and reports. For example, a bodyshop manager can get information about the material allocation against the work orders to calculate the cost per repair. The data can be accessed from anywhere with any device. A painter can share custom color formulas through the cloud across their network, enhancing the know-how of colleagues at another location.

“MIXIT is so user friendly because it is a web application, making it accessible from any device anywhere, at any time. All data and software updates are done instantly. This saves time as there is no need to do manual updates,” added Martijn Steggink, Manager Color Tools at AkzoNobel.

The interface design is clean and simple making the application accessible for anyone. MIXIT seamlessly integrates with AkzoNobel’s spectrophotometer - Automatchic Vision™ - and a smart scale, for a smooth, hassle-free process every time.

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